Closing the glass studio

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How to Close the Glass Studio
Step Mark an X when completed Process
1 Make sure every knob on every torch is turned off. Make sure you do this at all stations and all Lathe stations.
2 Go to both the oxygen and propane lines on the back wall and turn them both off. The valve will face horizontally when in the off position.
3 Next you will go outside and turn off the Oxygen dewars and Oxygen manifold
4 Next turn off the Propane manifold. Do not turn off the tanks or valves. Just turn off the large green valve, and make sure both valves above the Propane Tanks are off. Turn them to the right to turn them off.
5 Close and Lock the Back Gate, Turn off the lights above the torches – Open the Blue Electric Box next to the inside propane and oxygen lines, and press the bottom left orange switch one position to the right. Turn off the Fan – Locate the Ladder and Press the Red Stop Button Once, then go outside and flip the power switch for the fan to the OFF position. Close the Garage Door (If Open), Close and lock the Back Door.
6 Check and make sure all the kilns are running, if they are not run them.
7 Turn off all lights in the break room, tool room, wet room, sample room, and both Restrooms. Make sure you Turn OFF the Vaporizers in the Restrooms!
8 Turn off the stereo and close the laptop to turn it off, be sure to turn off the T.V. above the laptop.
9 Turn off the building main lights by the front door, and then turn on the outside front lights.
10 Set the Alarm. Make sure everyone is out of the building and you have everything you need before you set the alarm, you will only have 60 seconds to leave the building before the cops come around and start asking questions! THEY WILL COME IF YOU SET OFF THE ALARM!
11 Close the Front Door and hit the SCHLAGE button on the electronic lock on the door, once you press the SCHLAGE button, you will then turn the dead bolt until the door has been sucessfully locked into position, Then you can go home!