Adding a New Printer to a Computer

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Depending on the model of the printer and how it is accessed from the computer, the steps will vary slightly, for the purpose of this article I will be showing how to add a Brother printer that is networked.

First thing is to look at the model of the printer.

The shipping station printer is a Brother HL-L5100DN printer, and it is setup for network access.

Once that information is determined, go to Brothers Support Page

Click onto Product Search.

Once the search window is available type in the printer model number.

Click Search.

Once the results pull up,  Click on Downloads

The next screen will ask for what operating system you are using, the software is pretty good at guessing what operating system you have and prepopulating the field, but confirm just to double check it.

Once confirmed click OK.

You will be asked which software you would like to download, the Full Suite of Printer Software or just the Driver.

Select the Full Driver and Software Package

Once clicked on you will be asked to agree to the End User License Agreement.

Download will start and the progress will be shown in the top bar.

Once the file has completed downloading, navigate to where it was saved, most likely the Downloads folder.

Create a new folder in the Downloads, called Brother Printer.

Drag the newly downloaded file into the folder.

Double click on the file name, to expand the files.

Click into the fold and look for start.exe, double click on it, and allow it to change the hard drive.

Confirm Language selection.

Press Next.

Click to check the box at the bottom of the Eula, press Next

Select Wired Network Connection (Ethernet)

Click Next.

Click Next, the printer is already connected.

Wait for the IP Scanner to find the new Printer.

Select the Radio button next to the Printer Model Name.

Click Next.

Leave the selection as Standard, and press Next. 

Allow the software installation to complete, and then in the next window uncheck Brother Product Research and Support Program.  Click Next.

Click Finish.

You can close the browser window that opens after the Finish button is clicked.

Now that the printer is installed go to the Start Menu and Settings.

Click on Devices

Click on Printers & Scanners in the left side bar.

Find the recently added printer.

Click on the printer name and Click Manage.

Confirm the printer isn’t selected as Default Printer, especially if the printer is a color printer.

Otherwise the printer should appear in your available printers dropdown menu.  If it does not close the program you are attempting to print from and reopen it.