Why did my Volcano bag pop?

This can happen as your Volcano vaporizer uses a pump to fill the bag. This is good in that it can fill a bag that has resistance from the herb being packed too tight. But the problem of the bag popping can happen if you walk away from your vaporizer and do not turn it off. The Super Surfer, on the other hand, uses a fan to fill the bag more quietly than the Volcano. With the fan having less force than a pump your bag will not pop when filled all the way. The Super Surfer actually will stop vaporizing as the air will be blocked from the pressure of the bag is full.

Which items can I smoke hash out of?

You can vape hash out of the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, Da Buddha in your wand. Note to have a little herb under the hash works out well. The screen will clog up fairly fast, but inhale and get big hits, then remove any hash after you have gotten a good amount of hits. Then when your screen feels clogged with no herb, inhales slow and enjoy the essence. Do this a few times, then take your pick and scrap the screen, blow hard and your screen will be clean again.

My Wax Maxer seems to be peeling, could that be from alcohol submersion?

We have not seen any peeling or anything. Maybe you are referring to what happens to the heater when left in alcohol for long periods of time. Sometimes a white film gets on the heater housing. This is we think to do to a reaction from the metal, concentrates, and alcohol. After it comes out of the alcohol and this happens you can rub it with a cloth or paper towel to clean off that white residue.