what is a domeless nail?

In a dab rig, the nail is used for heating the concentrate to the point where it produces vapor. They come in a couple of different styles, including domed and domeless. A domeless nail allows cannabis users to consume concentrates easily and efficiently.

As opposed to a domed nail, the domeless nail boasts a larger size, which means that a larger amount of cannabis concentrate can be used. Ideally, dome or not, the nail should heat up quickly, and should retain heat for a decent period of time.

The lack of a dome also makes it easier to heat the concentrate. However, without the protective dome that other nails feature, the concentrate in the domeless nail also quickly loses heat. Some users place a carb cap on the domeless nail to prevent heat loss.

Do we give a military discount?

Without our military, we would not have the freedom we all take for granted.  We do not offer any special discounts, we feel we are all on a team here in this world so we treat everyone the same.


Are Bangers better than a Dome and Nail set-up?

It’s not that bangers are necessarily better. The Dome and Nail set-up is what paved the way for quartz bangers and legitimate dabbing in general. With that being said, Bangers are the evolution of the Dome and Nail- Set-up. The more efficient and hassle-free way of dabbing.