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Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Retail Head Shop
Can I apply a discount after my order is processed for Retail.

NO, once the order is submitted you can not retro a refund. You must cancel the order and reorder with a coupon code. We have a sheet of refunds due to this and I believe we should not offer this service.

What is something the shops don’t Carry that you think we should

Any product that is on the website should be in the stores.  We also know we can not show all the WRS images, so using the computer to help make sales is great. Also, if someone is looking for a piece of glass and the shop does not have it, you can use the website […]

How long does it take to make a cremation pendant?

This can take a few weeks.  Really it depends on the artist’s workload to when it can be done.  One thing is we do not like to rush anything and would rather it take longer and get it right than rush it. All the cool things we do for cremation glass See our pet cremations […]

How Does a Person become an Elev8 Glass Blower

Anyone can join our team.  Where they fit in depends on their skill set, their ability to grow and deal with the stress of glass. The best way is to get a hold of Jeff at Elev8 Premier

Where do I get Elev8 Logos for Glass Gallery, Distribution, Premier and Shop Logos

Logos also to include Elev8 Veterans, Elev8 Presents Vape logos and more logos and images HIT THE LINK

Tri-Fold for Elev8 Street Team Marketing

We have worked on an Elev8 TriFold that is in the stores, tattoo shops, dispensaries, barbor shops, and many other places.  This tri-fold is to be handed out to customers after they purchase or anyone that is interested in taking one.  There is a TON of knowledge on this site This tri fold will help […]