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How to Check and maintain glass at different location and the website

Having the ability to have our glass on the website allows further reach for both the stores and the web.  One shop can show customers what we have at all our locations are if they are looking for a particular artist. The glass that comes in gets a trello card from the appropriate board. The …

what is the process for an out of state customer placing a custom order in store

You can always refer to Custom Glass.  But we want you to give the customer the best service, and take the money in this store. Find out their budget. Take their info Find out what they are looking for with images that they can refer you too. After you have the info you should contact …

How To Wrap Glass For Shipping

Wrapping glass is very important in order to get the customer their glass safely.

how can a customer find the nearest shop to them that sells SSV parts

As of now the best way is for them to call Elev8 Distribution and ask who is near them.  We do not have a great way on our site.

Could a customer trade in a non Elev8 banger for an Elev8 banger using the banger trade in program?

YES!  The goal is to get the crap off the streets and replace it with our Elev8 high quality bangers.

How To Use Trello for Headshop Retail

Trello is an amazing tool we use here at Elev8 to manage and track jobs or takes that require the use of more than one department.  This allows the job to be tracked and checked off so it is fully done. Watch this video to learn more Go to your main board and click in the the …

If people take more than one class are they able to advance their skills each time by learning new/ different skills?

Yes!  The more you are on the torch, and the more you learn, the better you will be.  We feel after taking your first LAE class it is best to rent some time on the Nation Torch for only $25 to learn the feel and flow of glass a little more.  Once you have about …

Can we do custom pieces with crushed opal?

Absolutely yes.  Just contact Jeff at Elev8 Premier for more help after you know what the customer wants

can we fix a broken carb hole?

Yes, fixing a carb can be done.  We can fix a lot of glass, but not all glass.  Learn more on our website, or stop in to Elev8 East Side or Elev8 West Side

Can we make custom slide/banger holders/hangers or other custom glass?

If it is made of glass, yes, we make all kinds of things.  We have our clear ones here, but we can make them from any color, lined tubing or Butter Color. For wholesale order see here