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Is cadmium dangerous?

Cadmium is dangerous. If it is ingested it is very bad for you. The cadmium in the glass that is used in this industry is really fairly safe. When the glass is originally made it does a lot of off-gassing and the air is exhausted through a very well ventilated area. Once the glass is […]

Is there different kinds of quartz glass? Is American better than China?

Most all quartz is originated from China or the Czech Republic. The final glass is then welded, cut and finished in the USA. We have searched and searched for an American quartz manufacturer and have come up short time and time again. What makes quartz good is if it was made from high quality. There […]

Glass Terms and Techniques You Need To Know

Knowing glass terms is a vital part to being able to sell glass to customers at Elev8. We pride ourselves in the ability to know more than other head shops, and the only way to do that is to learn the terms. There are so many terms and techniques we find it best for you […]

Why do pipe change color and why do they call it chameleon

The simple answer is because of the black resin that accumulates in the pipe.  This allows the fumed gold or silver to be seen or reflected differently.  Learn more about fuming here. People will call a color-changing pipe a chameleon pipe because of the way a chameleon lizard changes color. There is also Chameleon glass […]