What do I do if a product has the wrong image in Elev8.One?

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If you see a product in Elev8.One that has the wrong image, first try to replace it with the correct image! All of our product images can be found in “newmediaarray>Photos>Catalog and Website Photos”. Keep in mind that Elev8.One requires that photo filenames not contain any spaces, so you may need to rename the image file without any spaces before adding it to the product in Elev8.One.

I tried to replace the image with the correct file but the product keeps reverting back to the incorrect image.

This happens because there is a filename conflict. When a product keeps reverting to an incorrect image it’s because the two image files have identical filenames. Our images have filenames which are automatically generated when we develop the image. Simply rename the correct image before reuploading it to the product in Elev8.One, we recommend using the filename format SKU-COLOR.jpg or SKU-DESIGN#.jpg, this will guarantee that the image has a unique filename that won’t conflict with any older image files in Elev8.One.