How to Use the Eye Washer

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  1. Become Familiar with where the Emergency Eye Washer is located. The Emergency Eye Washer is Located on one of the two White Sinks in the Inventory Area.
  2. Make sure that all of the employees know where the Emergency Eye Washer is at, you never know when you will need someone to assist you to the Eye Washer!
  3. If you happen to get somthing in your eye, DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF! This could cause further damage to your eye! Ask a surrounding employee to help you to the Emergency Eye Wash, and have them help you wash out your eye.
  4. Have a co worker help the injured worker to the Emergency Eye Washer, once at the washing station, you will need to remove the Yellow Spout covers from the Washer, you will also need to pull the little plug that reads “LF” on the front of the faucet, this will avtivate the Eye Washer and send water up through the spouts.
  5. Once you have pulled the “LF” Plug, gently turn on the water straight up, so it delivers luke warm water to the injured employee, you can adjust left or right to have hotter or colder depending on the employees comfort level.
  6. Let the employee soak their eyes for a MINIMUM of 5 minutes, this will help remove any harmful debris or chemicals.
  7. However, other references recommend a minimum 20-minute flushing period if the nature of the contaminant is not known. The flushing or rinsing time can be modified if the identity and properties of the chemical are known. For example:a minimum 5-minute flushing time is recommended for mildly irritating chemicals, at least 20 minutes for moderate-to-severe irritants,20 minutes for non-penetrating corrosives, and at least 60 minutes for penetrating corrosives.
  8. Next, you must report the accident Adam, and see if it’s an insurance matter or not. All Injury causing accidents must be reported to Adam!