EOK Essential Oil Kit Dabbing Set up for the Silver and Super Surfer as well as the Da Buddha Vaporizer

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We sell 3 types of EOK kits; one for the Super Surfer (SSV), one for the Super Surfer (SUP) and one for the Da Buddha (DBV). On all kits special attention must be paid to checking the integrity of the weld on the dab dish. To do this use a dab dish hose adapter and slide it over the hose connection on the dab dish. Wearing leather glove AND eye protection, gently flex the adapter to see if the weld is solid. CAUTION: too much force will break the piece no matter how good the weld is, that is not the goal! We are only ensuring a solid connection. This weld check should be done every time we are building kits. Below are the kit names and their contents.


DBV Quartz Dab Dish SUP/SSV Quartz Dab Dish SUP/SSV Quartz Dab Dish
DBV Heater Stand Adapter Silver Surfer Heater Adapter Super Surfer Heater Adatper
10mm Dab Dish Hose Adapter Elev8 Premier Carb Cap Elev8 Premier Carb Cap
10mm Sick Clip Pick with Flat Tip Pick with Flat Tip
Elev8 Premier Carb Cap Tidy Tips Tidy Tips
3’ Clear Tubing 3’ Clear Tubing 3’ Clear Tubing
Pick with Flat Tip Dab Mat Dab Mat
Tidy Tips    
Dab Mat    


Once the pieces for each kit have been collected you will also grab blue bags from the shipping area for the kits to be packaged in. On the outside of the blue bag write the name of the kit you are building. You will also need to print the appropriate number of QR Instruction stickers for the number of the kits you are building. These QR stickers are to be place on the plastic pkg that contains the dab mat. When all the kits have been laid out they are ready to be double checked by a team member. After the check is complete the kits can be bagged up in their blue bags and placed in inventory on the shipping desk.