Adding knobs to the Super Surfer

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There are 3 knobs for the Super Surfer.  All 3 are differnt

Dimmer knob

  1. Inspect the knob
    1. Look for imperfections
    2. Look to make sure the plastic part is in at the proper angle so the knob will be straight on the housing.
  2. Use the knob drill out tool (1/4 inch drill bit) to hone out the inner part of the plastic.  The ribs make it too tight.
  3. Place the knob on the Super so that the pointer is at the 4:20 position.  5 will do fine.  Turn the knob back and forth to make sure it is working smoothly

Light knob

  1. in order for the light know to function properly you have to create a spacer so it does not go all the way to the base when set in place. the spacer consists of a CE unit ground screw and nut. Thread the screw into the nut and then place them into the knob with the nut going in first. Using the drill, screw the screw down into the knob until it stops going deeper. Take care to not strip out the back side of the knob. Once it has been seated you can place the knob onto the base on the post for the lights. this spacer will allow the knob to be pushed down to activate the lights without the knob hitting the base and preventing proper contact for the switch. Orientate the knob so that the hash mark is in the 6 O’clock position then you install it. actuate the know on and off by pushing down to ensure you have proper clearance.

Fan knob

There are no modifications that need to be made for this knob, just orientate the knob so that the hash mark is at the 6 O’clock position when installing and then rotate the knob back and forth to make sure it is functioning properly.