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Where are the bar codes or UPC codes for Elev8 Distribution Products?

See this page

I have an issue with Elev8 One, what should I do for my wholesale order?

If you have any issues and need help, please contact Sachin at also CC  

Is the Dimmer repair kit $25 retail and $12.50 wholesale? I am pulling up $25 for both. I wasn’t sure if this item was different than others.

No, the dimmer kit is so low this is our lowest price for the dimmer repair kit. The heater repair kit is the same also for both wholesale and retail

Are our elev8 decals for sale for customers?

Yes, but in order to put a decal on, one needs a kiln to bake it on at 1050 degrees F

How can I get my contacts info out of One to make an email list?

There is no export for this function due to safety reasons and keeping our contacts safe. What you can do is copy and paste the email into a google calc spreadsheet. There is NEVER A REASON to send bulk emails to your customers.  If you wish to have bulk emails sent to your customers talk […]

Is there bulk pricing on marbles for wholesale? Imports

We can offer bulk deals on almost anything.  Talk with your rep to find out the deal for each item as they are all different. Bulk deals come down to the size of the order. We do not sell our Elev8 Doll flower marbles wholesale, but we can make other kinds.

When using an iPhone how do I post clips from Google Drive to Instagram/TikTok etc?

This is really easy to do on Android, but if you’re using an iPhone the process can be a little tricky. Go to the Google Drive link and click the “…” settings button in the top right, then choose “Open in” (the icon looks like a D-pad with four arrows). The video will export and […]

How do i find your new intro and outro video’s for instagram

Intro and Outro videos can be found here Other shared media is here.

Can I login for my wholesale customers that don’t process their own orders?

Yes, customer care can reset the password on the backend to what you please. Please Email Theresa for this to happen.

do we offer sandblasting for White labeling like logos for wholesale? If so how much?

We can offer this.  The price ranges from $10-$50 per piece blasted.  For a standard piece $10-$15 is close Each piece must be tapped up with the graphic, sanded, peeled and cleaned. It depends on the product being sanded, as well as the complexities of the graphic.  The more complex, the longer it takes to […]