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Adding & Editing a Customer

Customers can be added manually on behalf of a new or existing customer. For example, if you’re a brick-and-mortar store entering into ecommerce, you can add your in-store customers to your online store. Likewise, if you receive an order over the phone, you can add that customer to your store before creating their order.

To add a customer, when viewing your customer list, click on the Add button or click Add from the navigation menu on the left.

Add customer button in the Customer view of the BigCommerce control panel

To edit an existing customer account, click on the customer’s name or click Edit from within that customer’s action menu.

Action menu of a customer account with the Action maneu and Edit option highlighted

Whether adding or editing a customer, you’ll be able to change the following fields:

Customer Detail fields

  • First Name — the customer’s first name
  • Last Name — the customer’s last name
  • Company Name — the customer’s company
  • Email Address — the customer’s email address
  • Customer Group — specify which group the customer should be placed. See Customer Groups.
  • Phone Number — the customer’s phone number. This field is optional when adding a customer manually, but required when a customer creates an account on the storefront.
  • Store Credit — specify the amount of store credit the customer should have. See Giving Customers a Store Credit.
  • Receive ACS/Review Emails (Yes/No) — should the customer receive Abandoned Cart Saver (ACS) or product review emails
  • Force Password Rest On Next Login (Yes/No) — used to force a password reset. See Forcing Customers to Reset Their Password.
  • Tax Exempt Code — used in conjunction with automatic tax calculation
  • Any additional form fields — if you’ve added fields to the account signup form, they will appear below the above fields

You can also set a new password through the New Password and Confirm Password fields. If you’re adding a customer, we recommend forcing a password reset to allow your customer to choose a password that works for them. The password complexity can be configured in your Security & Privacy Settings.

Password fields in a customer account


To add a customer’s address, you’ll first need to save the customer account. Once saved, click the Customer Address Book tab, then click Add an Address. Don’t forget to Save your changes.

If you need to edit a customer’s address, click the Customer Address Book tab, then click Action › Edit to the right of the address you’d like to update. You can also select Delete to remove the address.

Customer Address Action Menu with Edit highlighted

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